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Repair of shutdown after ~8 minutes, at Polaroid TLU-44243BU 42″

Polaroid TLU 42

Repair of shutdown after ~8 minutes, at Polaroid TLU-44243BU [Fixed]

My Polaroid TLU-44243BU from 2007 until 2016 are working just fine.

Simptom of defective TV:

From last week my Polaroid TLU-44243BU 42″ from 2007, are working just fine, but shutdown after few minutes. After shut down are go to standby. If I reopen the TV again, the TV work just fine, and after 2-3 min, are shutdown again.
If I let the TV stoped few minutes , and re-open the TV again the TV work ~8 min, and shutdown again.


Polaroid TLU-44243BU – 42″ Widescreen HD
•Screen size: 42in
•Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
•Aspect ratio: 16:9
•Contrast ratio: 10000:1

Let me think:

1.The simptom are from PSB (power supply base) if shut down just like this.
2. If shutdown after minutes, that means some component(s) are heating to much.
3. If start shutdown that mean some capacitors are stop/badly functioning, what mean is only this one{s} or affect and other component.

Now i find in the PSB, 3 capacitors of 100μF/50V bloated, who I change. Nothing happened, the simptom are the same.
I think this 3 caps aren’t fulled damaged, but create the next damage.

I look inside carefully and I see after working TV, an component are heating very hard, with the name M200, who is the optocupler. I don’t know the name of the optocupler because I buy one from Athens/GR ,when I give to the reprezentative guy of shop, the piece, and give me other in change, with noname on this one.

I hope if someone read my post, who worked at this kind of TV from Slovakia, where are assembled the TV, to let us know, the name of that piece, from the place M200, for sure.

Are looks like this one on the down image, and I think are the type from this link: https://www.eeweb.com/company-news/onlinecomponentscom/high-speed-optocoupler

VO2630, VO2631, and VO4661 are dual channel 10 MBd optocouplers

I changed this one and the TV work just fine. 🙂

I hope guys this help you to understand and fix your problem.

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